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Microsoft Office Home Use Program License Agreement

i. Microsoft as a party or third party beneficiary. If Microsoft is the device manufacturer or you purchased the software from a retailer, Microsoft is a party to the agreement. Otherwise, Microsoft is not a party, but a third party that gets your agreement with the manufacturer or installer to settle disputes through informal negotiations and arbitrations. Depending on how you received The Office software, this is a licensing agreement between (i) you and the device manufacturer or software installation program that markets the software with your device. or (ii) you and Microsoft Corporation (or, depending on where you live or, if it is a company in which your head office is located, one of its affiliates), if you purchased the software from a retailer. Microsoft is the manufacturer of devices for devices manufactured by Microsoft or one of its affiliates, and Microsoft is the retailer if you purchased the software directly from Microsoft. · a staff member of an organization that has entered into a Microsoft volume licensing agreement with active software insurance, or who has active software insurance and other criteria beforehand, and this is in conflict with AAA rules. This agreement applies when it is in conflict with AAA commercial arbitration rules or consumer arbitration rules. If employees purchase Microsoft 365 products at a significant discount, they can use the same software they use at the office at home. This helps to increase productivity, improve their abilities and improve job satisfaction.

(vi) Redevelop, decompile or decompile the software, or try to do so, unless the laws in which you live (or if a company has its head office) allow it, even if that agreement does not. In this case, you can only do what your law allows; or e. Japan. If you live in Japan or if you purchased the software while you lived in Japan and purchased the software from a reseller as standalone software, we grant you the following rights under our licenses, provided you comply with all the terms of this agreement: you can also install and use a second copy of the software on a second licensed device. to use it as a licensed user of the first licensed device.