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Un Fish Stocks Agreement (Unfsa)

Fifteenth round of informal consultations between the States Parties to the Agreement, focusing on implementing an ecosystem approach to fisheries management g) helping to cover the costs of resolving disputes between States parties to the agreement on the interpretation or implementation of the agreement, in accordance with Part VIII of the agreement or procedures relating to the interpretation or application of a sub-regional agreement; Regional or global fisheries agreement on straddling or large migratory fish stocks in which they participate, including any dispute over the conservation and management of these stocks and in addition to any assistance provided under the ITLOS OPERATIONAL Operational Fund made available by General Assembly Resolution 55/7 or by the Trust Fund for the International Court of Justice or the Financial Support Fund created by General Assembly Resolution 47/444. (a) facilitate the participation of representatives of developing countries, particularly least developed countries and small island developing states, who are parties to the agreement, meetings and activities of regional and sub-regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements. (b) support travel costs and, if applicable, daily allowances related to the participation of parties in developing countries, in particular the least developed parties and small island developing states parties to the agreement, at relevant meetings on deep-sea fisheries of relevant world bodies such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization and other specialized institutions, the Global Environment Fund, the Commission for Sustainable Development and other appropriate international and regional organizations. (c) support ongoing and future negotiations for the establishment of new regional or sub-regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements in areas where these bodies do not currently exist, with a view to renegotiating the agreements to create these organizations and arrangements and to strengthen existing regional and sub-regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements, in accordance with the agreement. Part VII of the Agreement addresses the needs of developing countries. In particular, Article 25 of the agreement commits States Parties to cooperate to improve the ability of developing countries to preserve and manage straddling fish stocks and large migratory fish stocks and to develop their own fisheries for these stocks; to allow their participation in deep-sea fishing for these stocks and to facilitate their participation in sub-regional and regional fisheries management organizations and arrangements.