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Hong Kong Underwriting Agreement

8.9. Counterpart: The Company has entered into this agreement and has agreed to grant the assurances, guarantees, agreements and commitments stipulated in it, taking into account the joint sponsors, the Global Joint Coordinators and the Hong Kong Underwriters, who agree to conclude this agreement on the terms set out in it. 4.11.1 Subject to a necessary redeployment in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4.11.2 and the provisions of HKEx-GL91-18, Joint Global Coordinators may, at their own discretion, redeploy the supply shares of the international offer to the public offer in Hong Kong and make available such redeployable supply shares as Hong Kong offers to meet Hong Kong`s public offering demands. In the case of such a redistribution, the number of shares available under the international offer and international commitments in international insurance may be reduced in a way and on the one hand that joint global coordinators can determine at their sole discretion, and Hong Kong insurers are not entitled to the insurance commission on the offer shares covered in point 6.1. attributable to Hong Kong`s public offering; and 10.1.9 the use or obtaining of all of the net proceeds it receives under the Global Offering, in the section of the Hong Kong Prospectus entitled „Future Plans and Use of Revenues,“ as opposed to an amendment that is disclosed in accordance with the rules of the list and (a) does not object to the definition of applicable and applicable laws or current elements of the entity or another member of the group. (b) violate or contragnant to the conditions or conditions of material inking, mortgages, trust instruments, loan contracts, notes, leasing contracts or other instruments that are currently binding on the company or another member of the group, or (c) violate or contrainfly the terms or conditions of the authorizations and declarations that apply to one of the members of the company or another member of the group. ADSs are American depositary shares representing 13 shares each. ADSs are issued as custodians (the custodian) and holders of U.S. Certificates of Deposit („ADR“) and AdS issued by the custodian, pursuant to a filing agreement of February 5, 2016 and amended on April 11, 2016 between the company, Citibank, N.A., as custodian („custodian“); Unlike New York and London, until now there were no standard forms for legal agreements between insurance unions in Hong Kong. Unions take advantage of the market when share issues are too large to be managed by a single company, allowing multiple companies to sell an offer quickly and in full; However, inefficiencies are traditionally due to the use of atypical agreements between union members. 12.5.3 takes other measures that the compensated parties can demand to ensure that the parties compensated are not affected by such an agreement or agreement.

E) the issuance of shares or securities on the basis of an agreement reached prior to the start of trading and whose essential terms have been disclosed in the listing document issued as part of the offer, as stipulated in this agreement, including, but not limited to: 11.1.