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Maf Properties Tenancy Agreement

In short: Read your rental contract carefully – it could save you some serious money in the end! We also have video tours available for a number of properties. In the rental agreement, wouldn`t it be said if students can decorate the walls with posters, etc.? and even if the installation of posters had been agreed by the owners, this would also have been done in writing at the beginning of the rent. If not, the tenants are in The Violation. Find out about the days and times when your group is available, and we make an appointment for your group. We prefer to show your whole group in one visit around the objects, in order to minimize disruption for current tenants. One of the MAF teams will meet you in our office, take you to the accommodation, show you and answer any questions you may have. We ask you not to call the accommodation to request a visit, as we respect the privacy of our tenants, we would like to conduct our visits in a professional manner and that our existing tenants have been sufficiently informed that we are coming. A joint tenancy agreement holds the whole group responsible for basic and collective rents. A thorough verification of the lease is just one of many ways to save money on rent. Check the start and end date of your lease – Make sure each tenant`s name is in the contract, as well as the landlord`s name – Review your obligations in detail (what you can and can`t do during your stay in the apartment) and make sure you check the rent amount and the people who are required to pay it – make sure the contract allows for general wear and tear of the property – Check all the repairs agreed owner wants to do or not (for example.B. Replacing the washing machine, fixing the water.

I am a recent supporter of MAF Properties and I also rented a property with them last year with a group of friends. It is clearly stated in the lease agreement that blue tac is not allowed and even though we recovered our keys at the beginning of our contract, we received a moving package that certainly also the Do`s and don`t indicate in each case if there was a real problem, all deposits are protected and all fees or disputes are appointed by an independent adjur by the wagering system. Our deposit for last year was fully refunded by MAF Properties and we decided to stay at MAF Properties this year as they no longer collect deposits. I have always found that the owner and office staff are friendly and helpful and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends.