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Newfoundland Power Collective Agreement

2. Where a collective agreement provides for notice different from the time limit in subsection 1, the provision of the collective agreement applies. (f) „collective bargaining,“ negotiating the conclusion of a collective agreement or the renewal or revision of a collective agreement; 25. If the social partners are unable to conclude a collective agreement, the collective agreement delegate will not vote on a strike by the unit`s employees or declare or authorize a strike by these workers, and a worker of the unit may strike or take part in a strike only after the end of a 14-day period from the date (3). The application can only be made after the expiry of a 12-month period from the date of the representative`s certification, and not before, unless the board has given its prior consent. (a) The government negotiator and negotiator agree immediately and within 30 days of notification or within the time frame within which the parties may agree to meet and bargain collectively and make reasonable efforts to conclude a collective agreement or renew or revise an existing collective agreement; 3. Without limitation of the powers conferred on the House under the Labour Relations Act, the House may, in order to determine an application for certification in accordance with Section 6, conduct investigations that it deems necessary, including the review of the recordings, the organization of hearings or the vote of workers in the unit it deems appropriate and the nature of the evidence to be presented to the board. for the conclusion of a collective agreement. 2. An adjudication commission makes every effort, when drafting a judgment, to have the provisions put together in a form to read and interpret them or to annex them to an existing collective agreement containing the other conditions of employment of workers in the unit to which the judgment refers. and to allow the proper implementation of the judgment by incorporating into the laws, regulations, statutes, instructions or other legal acts, legal or not, necessary or likely to be carried out to comply with the provisions of the judgment.

(d) a collective agreement is in effect on its terms; or (a) this bargaining partner immediately replaces another bargaining partner for unit staff and is exclusively entitled to bargain collectively on behalf of all unit workers and engage them through a collective agreement until the certification of the bargaining delegate is revoked; 4. Notwithstanding paragraph 3, any party or party affected by a judgment may, at the expiry of the collective agreement or the conclusion of a new collective agreement, proceed in the manner provided for in Section 14 with a view to extending or amending the collective agreement or concluding a new collective agreement.